Friday, 26 February 2010

The Age Gap

My oldest daughter is 11 and in her first year at high school, she came home earlier this week with a request for some raw vegetables as they were doing "knife skills" in Design and Technology today.
The first thing that sprang to mind was those knife throwing performances you used to see on variety shows when I was young!!!!!
Fortunately for all concerned it merely refers to lessons in the best way to cut up peppers, cucumber and celery.
R and I shake with suppressed laughter every time we think about it, the children in pairs, taking turns with the knife, and the teacher with a supply of plasters. It seems to be an age thing as most of the other grown ups I have mentioned it to have the same mental image.

Today has been wet here, very wet. The fields have small pools in them and the sheep are a bit bedraggled looking. I am glad it is really wet and not merely damp as there are several tonnes of wood waiting next to the splitter for someone to process. But it would be mad to do it when everything is so wet so I get to mess around in the house instead. Maybe tomorrow will be drier.

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  1. Bring the sheep indoors for a cup of tea and to dry them off. They'll be happier. And, besides, they can watch the vegetable chopping-knife ceremony.