Saturday, 18 December 2010

Another Day

A wall of straw arrived today, it's actually a lorry and trailer but from this angle it looks like a wall. The driver was undoing the straps while Richard got out the Manitou handler to unload it all, nearly 22 tonnes for the cows to lie on.
We keep our cows in a shed on deep straw rather than cubicles, which means that we use a lot of straw over the winter, the shed is cleaned out every 4 to 5 weeks and the muck is piled up in the fields to compost after which it is spread. Our soil here is very sandy so the composted muck is really good for it.
On a completely different scale, I made a new cover for my ironing board. I have had that board for about 25 years, my iron is even older.
I have had several covers for it but am finding it difficult to find the right size, ironing boards seem to have grown, and the covers I could find were not what I wanted to spend several hours a week looking at.
So some fabric from Ikea and a short time with the sewing machine and voila new cover.
Well I'm pleased anyway.

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  1. I Like It! I wonder if there's a Market for for ironing board covers. That could be your side business.
    Also, why aren't you covered in snow? I thought everything in the U.K. was hit.
    By the way, Did you make Richard work on his birthday? You had mentioned that he and Fred share the same one, right?
    FYI, I still have your cow on my mind.
    Your Friend, m.