Friday, 21 January 2011

Life Skills

I'm wondering when is a good age to teach my children how to change the sheets and duvet covers on their beds.
I started doing mine when I went away to boarding school at 11, we were issued with a clean sheet and pillow case every week or so and told to put "top to the bottom and bottom to the laundry". We also made our beds every morning and those who had never done it before learnt pretty quickly.

My children are 14, 12 and 9, and whilst the 9 year old would probably struggle to change duvet covers and the sheet, she should be able to manage the pillowcase, and the other two with a bit of tuition should be OK.
I realise that it may be hard for them and make their arms ache a bit but I dont think it's unreasonable. Generally I dont ask them to do much in the way of housework, a bit of bedroom tidying and setting the table for meals, also putting stuff in the dishwasher.
Part of me feels that it is my job and since I dont work off the farm I do have the time to do it, but on the other hand these are life skills, like tying laces and telling the time,and since I do intend for them to leave home eventually they should learn them.

I think the time is now, I will proceed with a plan to offload all the things I hate most, hoovering, changing beds, sewing on nametapes and buttons. The children might leave sooner than planned.


  1. Love it! Every Saturday morning, we make slaves out of our kids. I'm not hung up,any more, that their beds are perfectly made, but they can change a fitted sheet if they help one another. That's a big "if".
    But believe me, they have a long way to go. Good for you, Nick!
    Your Friend, m.

  2. I think my mother started me very early so I didn't see chores were chores but 'fun and games'. Only later I realized 'the truth' but by now it was too late - I still like doing laundry.

  3. Nick Cee, I am blushing. I make all of mine (10,7 and 5) strip and re make their beds. Although Otto needs help with the cover he does all of the pillows. They also clean the bathrooms between them once a week while I bake cake as a reward. I am clearly going to Parent Hell.

  4. Lady H it is I who should be ashamed as I am obviously over indulging them all and neglecting my parental duties.
    The times they are a changin!