Sunday, 13 February 2011

All Change at the Library

Its going to be all change at our local Library, they are closing on the 15th Feb for three weeks for"refurbishment"
According to the Librarians this includes going "self service". Im not sure what this will entail but it doesnt sound like good employment news for the librarians.
The closure will cover school half term, which is inconvenient as I usually take the tribe down there for some book choosing and a bit of them begging for me to borrow DVD's, Wii games or Dsi games for them to play with. Its actually a good way of trying out games without committing to buying them. From previous experience something that sounds good ends up causing so much strife that I confiscate it. There is a small charge to borrow media items, usually less than £2 for a week.
The good thing about the closure at the library is that we can take books and media items out and keep them for the whole three weeks whilst only being charged for one week.
We have stocked up, for the children we have Lego Starwars for the Wii and Mariokart for the Dsi, also the new video of The A Team, we have a selection of the original ones so I hope they like this, I'm sure the special effects will be better.
For the grown ups I have the first series of True Blood, I have read all the books and love them and I watched most of the TV series but will enjoy filling in the gaps. Also the US series Justified starring Timothy Olyphant. I started watching this when it showed on TV but it was on late at night and I kept forgetting it.
I could get these out any time but 7 days is not long enough to watch 13 episodes so I dont bother, I have these till the 12th march.
Best thing is that all this cost about £7.
Good value and I will wait and see how the "refurbishment" turns out.


  1. Defending books hits a nerve for me. I bemoan 'their passing'. I will probably be the person from Fahrenheit 451 they burn down in his home for refusing to give over the last remaining books !

  2. Fred takes all the kids to the Library every Thursday evening. I get two hours of "me" time. So three cheers to Librarys everywhere! At least the one near us for sure.
    Johnny just bought the Lego Starwars on Saturday. He is addicted.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. LOL Mark, when mine were babies I used to leave them at home with their Daddy in the evening and slope off to the Library to work on my sanity.