Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Well Done Boys

We had our sheep scanned on monday, a good day weatherwise since it rained on sunday and tuesday and indeed on monday afternoon, but the morning was sunny.
The tups had done good work as of the 150 ewes, only 4 are not in lamb and they will be off to market as soon as can be arranged. Of the rest we have 3 sets of triplets, 70 twins and 73 singles. One of the singles is due in 3 to 4 weeks time, the rest in April. The early bird is because she was in with the tups last summer due to a wound that needed lots of attention from us, having her here at home meant we could get hold of her on a regular basis to treat her. Anyway she will have to come home again soon and live with the calves so we can keep an eye on her, as its still too cold for her to lamb outside.

This is my oldest(14) who has just had his "twin blocks" changed for a fixed brace. He is somewhat daunted by the long list of dos and don'ts and the cleaning instructions and at 2.30 this morning he was a very sad boy as the discomfort of his teeth starting to move had woken him up and was stopping him getting back to sleep. His Daddy fixed him up with some paracetamol and sleep was resumed.
I sent him off to school with another paracetamol for lunchtime, and a note excusing him from PE for today. The Dentist said that it will settle down in a couple of days and become the new normal.
Our local National Trust House is doing some tree felling, mostly round the carparks but also this one from on top of the mound alongside their moat.
I am very sad to see it go as all my children used to play under it and run/jump/slide up and down the mound. I'm not sure why they are removing it,possibly a combination of health and safety and fears that the roots are causing damage to anything beneath it.
Anyway we will be having all the wood, bar some for the Hall itself which we will be storing for them.
I forsee lots of time with the woodsplitter in my future.


  1. At first, I didn't know what you were talking about when you wrote that you had your lambs scanned. And then I eventually figured it out. It takes me awhile. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and something will dawn on me from 15 hours earlier. And I think to myself, "Oh, that's what she meant."
    Your boy looks good in braces. Although his teeth look fine to me underneath all of that metal. My John would have the grossest braces in the world if he were fitted with them. I have to remind him to brush every night. Since I leave for work before he goes to school, I'm sure that Fred is clueless as to what John does or doesn't do.
    Sorry for the loss of your tree.
    Your Freind, m.

  2. Ultrasound scanned, you probably call it something different in the US.
    The boys bite was all wrong, he was biting into the gum behind his front teeth. My kids have timers to remind them to brush for 2 minutes am and pm, but the braces are going to take longer to clean round and behind.

  3. the loss of old trees is a sad passing indeed; sort of like losing any old relation. You know it is time, but it is sad nevertheless.