Monday, 11 April 2011

Like Bo Peep we've lost some sheep!

We brought our flock of expectant ewes home today for lambing time, they are due to start on April 19th, which is 5 months from when we put the tups in with them, they have all been scanned so we know how many lambs to expect. When they were all rounded up this morning we discovered that one ewe had jumped the gun and had prem twins, they were cold and muddy and one was much smaller than the other, so we gathered them up and their mum and I rode home in the back of the landrover to stop her jumping over the seats, or on her babies. Sadly the weaker of the two didnt live for more than a couple of hours, just too small to be viable, but the bigger of the two is doing well after we tubed it with some lamb colostrum. It was too weak to stand and suckle from its mum. They are tucked up in a pen in the barn and we hope all will be well. Oh yes its a girl! We trailered the ewes home, about 24 at a time over 2 decks, this load made me laugh as despite not being crowded the ewe at the front has her fat wooly behind pressed up against the "window". We counted each group out of the trailer into the field, and on adding up all the groups we discovered that we had 8 missing!!!!!!!! They were last counted on the 14th feb when we scanned them all, its almost impossible to count 150 sheep when they are all milling about. The land where they have been living has lots of small woods and Richard and the children have gone to look for them, its possible that they have been stolen in which case hopefully we can claim off the insurance, but I am quite worried about my sheeps.


  1. I do hope that you find your poor sheep and nothing tragic happens to them.
    By the way, you aren't dressing as Bo Peep, are you?

  2. I don't think I have a strong enough stamina to raise animals; the death of them would effect me too much, particularly the young ones.

  3. Keep us posted!
    I once drove through the Irish countryside, when I learned that the sheep were wandering, mixed together to be separated later by the color painted on them. I like to imagine a huge sheep, with wool grown out to make him 3x the original size, all because he managed to find a good hiding spot when shearing time came and the less savvy fellows were gathered.

    Does counting sheep put you to sleep even when you don't want to be sleeping?