Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sheep Update

We found the lost sheep...... we had them all the time, Richard has been sent back to school for more practice in adding up, we counted the number of ewes on each load and made a list the he added them all up, WRONGLY.
After he and the children spent a couple of hours scouring the countryside for the missing sheep and worried all night, he checked his sums in the morning, and lo the lost sheep were found, and there was much rejoicing in the kingdom.
We will never let him forget this, its a good job he doesnt pay the bills round here.

Pictured above is little twin lamb, she is doing really well, feeding on her own and growing already, R says that the ewe would be much better off outside but it has turned very cold,( I am back in my wooly vest,) and it seems cruel to put such a tiddler out, but as soon as the sun shines.......
No more lambs yet.


  1. He is so cute! You need to send me one of those little lambs. But not on a plate!
    Your Friend, m.

  2. The lamb is adorable! And I am so happy to hear that the sheep were lost right there where they were supposed to be.

  3. I think the lambs were toying with you.

  4. Say, aren't those lambs sheep by now?
    Please - an update !

  5. Miss you! Or should I say, miss Ewe?

  6. Hi Nick, just popping in to say that I've replied to your lovely comment on my blog (couldn't find an email address for you here but probably just being blind ;-). Jo
    Btw, very cute lamb!!

  7. What a nice blog! I love hearing about the sheep. Goodness knows I buy enough wool batt and roving for all my crafting! It's fun to hear the process behind it.