Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Feels like Spring

Its gorgeous weather here today, blue sky, a few clouds, still. The birdies are giving it whatfor while the cats slink about looking hopeful.

However the illusion of perfect spring day fades when you go outside as R is mucking out the cow shed. We keep our herd of 60 milkers on deep straw, no cubicles, which means that we add a covering of new straw every day, the bedding needs completely removing every 4 to 5 weeks. R uses a Manitou digger thing to do this and the muck is pilled in a field to compost till it can be spread as fertiliser and soil conditioner.
The cows love the large quantity of new straw they get to start again and run around like preschoolers, this does a good job of spreading it evenly.
The only downside is the smell that hangs around while its going on, specially annoying when its a good drying day.

Still the sun is shining .

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