Sunday, 21 March 2010

Play dates for the livestock

We dont have a sheepdog of our own, 160 sheep would not really be enough work for one and I hate the idea of keeping the dog on a chain in the yard for large parts of the day.

So when we need to move the sheep we get our friendly local slaughterman to come with his dog Moll. She is beautifully trained and lives to work sheep, John only has 20 sheep but helps out for several farms with only small flocks and it fits in well with his dayjob.

On friday John rang to ask if we wanted the sheep moved as he had a buyer for one of his puppies and he wanted to demonstrate Moll's (the puppies mother) working skills. We didnt need the sheep moving but said he was welcome to take Moll over for a quick "play" with them. John, Moll and the buyer all had a lovely time, I'm not sure whether the sheep enjoyed it as much but frankly they need the practice.

This week we are ultrasounding the sheep to see how many lambs we are expecting!!!!!

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