Monday, 15 March 2010

More catching up!

I was laid low with a cold last week, I thought I had got away with no colds this winter but the fates were listening and the children must have found a new set of bugs to bring home from school.

I think I have already mentioned that all this computer technology is a bit of a struggle, likewise I only gave up my trusty film camera for digital a few years ago. When we got this computer it came with Adobe Photoshop album starter 3 on it, and since we just empty the camera when it gets full and leave the pictures there, we have hardly used it and we hadnt bothered to register on it, just kept pressing the "register later" button. Last week it warned me that I only had a couple more uses unless I registered, so finally I did........ to be sent a message saying that Photoshop album starter was discontinued!!!!!! and I basically would have to buy another photo management system. As you can imagine I was ticked off and decided to consult the local computer shop about what they recommended, in the meantime I googled it and after wandering through some advice forums found someone who had the same problem and had found a solution.

This gave a false email address to register with and when you sent it there was also a log in code, obviously I couldnt get the right one as 1) its discontinued and 2) it wasnt my email address. Anyway I considered what could go wrong!!!!! and used the code and HEY PRESTO it all works, I can access the photos already on there and continue to use the programme. Result.

The farmer behind us has a shoot accross his farm and raises pheasants for it , he also shoots over us, we are not into guns and our landlords rent the shooting rights to him, in return for the battle of the Somme being re-enacted a couple of weekends each winter he brings us a bag of game. I was a bit wary till I found that they are already plucked and drawn, I do know how to do it but its right there with gutting fish in my least favourite activities.

He usually brings a mix of pheasant and mallard ducks, I love pheasant casserole so we use them up but the ducks just get chucked in the freezer. Last week I got some of the ducks out in the interest of using them up and made a casserole with bacon onion garlic and redwine, people it was awful, truly awful and went to the cats. I have no idea how long they had been in the freezer but it was too long, and the next day I chipped my way through the last iceage and any remaining ducks have gone to the bin. Just in time as the game keeper came over the next day with some more, needless to say I have put the date on these and we will use them up quickly. Once I can persuade the children that they will be edible this time.

The three small ones at the top are ducks the rest are yummy pheasants.

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  1. Hope the cold is on the mend!! Love the birds on the birdy tablecloth!! LOL! Best of luck with the new ducks!!