Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Day

Well I have voted but I wont be staying up tonight to see if we have a new government, tomorrow morning will be soon enough for me.

I delivered my first lamb last night, we thought it was dead as it was another one stuck at the neck, but it had to come out anyway. My hands are much smaller than Richards so I got the job, one of the lambs front legs was folded up stopping it from being pushed out but after we got that leg straightened out I was able to gently pull the lamb out. When it fell out it coughed and spluttered and we hung it upside down to make sure its airways were clear then gave it to a very anxious mum who took over. An hour later it was up and nursing.

Anyone who has been through labour will remember that feeling of your body trying to turn itself inside out, I had huge sympathy for the ewe and her struggles and its only the knowledge that she would have died if we did nothing that made me do it. I'm so glad she got a live baby at the end.

No pics as I was too busy....... not to mention not very clean!

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