Sunday, 23 May 2010


OMG I cant believe how long it has been since I last posted, we have been swept away in a tide of lambs both live and dead, we have lost 2 ewes, one whoes lamb had died inside her and the other had a serious rectal and uterine prolapse, we had the vet back twice to repair her but in the end we had to admit defeat in the face of her continued suffering and have her put down.
We had a tiny lamb that we had bottle fed for a week and called Judy, we had to admit defeat with her also as she couldnt stand or see, all she could do was suck, it was very sad for me as well as the children who had taken turns feeding her before school.
Today is the first day for weeks that we have had no lambs born, we still have about 15-20 sheep to lamb but today, the hottest of the year so far has been very quiet. Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow.
It has been 26 c here today and I cant remember the last time it rained, certainly we have had nothing for the last few weeks, some of the fields are looking a little parched and certainly Richard would be happy with some rain.
There is an old saying that goes,
Ash before Oak you'll get a soak, Oak before Ash you'll get a splash.
This refers to which of the two trees are in leaf first and how wet the summer will be, out oak trees are in full leaf whilst the ash is mostly still in bud, it would be nice to think we will get a better summer than last year.

My brother and his family have been visiting from Australia, which has been fantastic. They have been over here for 3 weeks and have spent a few days in Venice and Paris between visiting with us lot, they came up to the farm for a few days and we shoehorned an extra 5 people into our 4 bedroom house, its like boarding school in the bedrooms, dormitories and queues for the bathroom and the army catering corps in the kitchen, but we all enjoyed ourselves.
My bro is a civil engineer so farm life is a huge novelty to his children, they all had a go on the quad bike and sadly saw a poorly lamb die in front of the Rayburn, if willpower could have saved it "Bob" would have lived for ever.

I promise to download the camera tomorrow and put up some pics, not the ones I found today of my kids mooning !!!!!!!! Those I will save for their 18th birthdays.

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